Richard May’s Random Riding Ramblings

Welcome to my website. I mostly write about days spent out and about on my bike, taking my camera with me as I do like my photography as well as the riding.

You can jump directly to my full unsorted blog if you wish. Alternatively you can find individual pages providing full write ups of each of my summer cycling tours:

You can also find write ups of some of my bigger cycling day trips.

Latest Post: Way of the Roses -Day Three 

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And In Other News…

If you want to a little about who I am – well there is an ‘About Me‘ page you can look at. If you’d like to get in touch with me then head to that page where you’ll find a contact form. You can also find me at Twitter, Instagram and Photo4Me using the links at the bottom of the page.

P.S. This is not all cycling… My first blog posts about running are hiding here.  I also have a page where I might be adding some other random bits and pieces.  I call it ‘Asides

I also recently setup a home weather station. To see how things are in my part of the North Pennines, take a look at my Weather page.