Run Before You Ride

Before I got back on the bike I used to do some running. I first set up this blog when preparing to run the Great North Run in 2013. I didn’t do much with this blog then; but for posterity here are the posts I made back then

Come in Number 12,778 - Please sponsor me! Just over a month to go and on my return from a so-so run along some quite windy Hastings and Bexhill promenades (and the cycle path that links them up over Galley Hill and Glyne Gap) I found a big envelope waiting for me.  The envelope that reminds me properly what I’m […]
Six weeks to go and struggling - Last time I wrote everything was going well.  I had just finished the best week of training I’d done in several years and was feeling good about my self and my prospects at the Great North Run.  Since then its been downhill and I really feel like I’m struggling at the moment.  I’m hoping that […]
Two months to go! - A check on the calendar, and an email reminder, led me last week to the scary recognition that, as of today, I only have two months training left until the start of the Great North Run. With that in mind last week I started to properly ramp up my training. Just my luck that coincided […]
Bedgebury 10k - 18 March 2013 So finally, and for the first time since October 2011, I found myself on Saturday morning standing on a start line preparing myself for running in the same direction as a number of other folk in the name of….? Well for me fitness mostly; but (perversely) a bit of enjoyment as well. […]
Run through the woods - September, Newcastle and the Great North Run feels like a long way off at this time of year. Today was another difficult run. After having done a good 4.5 miles on Wednesday my run this lunchtime felt like a step backwards.  The temperature was around the zero mark; for some stupid reason I’d packed only […]
Running again… - Hi – this is my first blog entry.  I’m setting this page up to record some thoughts initially based around my training for the Great North Run in 2013. Last night I received the email from the event organisers that my name had been picked out of the ballot for the half marathon on Tyneside […]